Commerce, processing, import, and export of wood

since 1988

ARAS ir Ko

The company was established in 1988. The main field of our company since 1990 is commerce, processing, import, and export of wood. We buy raw timber and logs from the Eastern countries, process it and then export to the Western European market. The main office of the company is located in Kaunas, Lithuania. The production site is located in Raseiniai and occupies area of more than 2 ha. We have all necessary facilities there to process, sort, dry and store the wood. We process from 2500 to 6000 m3 of logs, and produce and sell from 1000 to 3000 m3 of various wooden articles per month.


We produce several sorts of building wood: boards, rafters, beams and joists. Building wood is cut out of fresh-cut fir, pine, and larch logs. It is packed into one size packages with 20 mm thick mediators between every each row of boards. The packages are tied up with metal bands. Quality of the products confirm to the European standards.


We supply the Western clients with semi-products for production or repairs of the europalettes. The boards are made of the conifers (fir or pine) and the deciduous (birch, alder, asp). Quality of the produce confirms to the UIC 435-2 norm.


We produce uncut boards for furniture out of high quality birch, alder, oak, ash, pine, fir, and larch logs. We offer kiln dried or fresh wood. Wood colour is even (white, yellowish, pink), without black, blue or brown spots. The wood isn't rotten and otherwise spoiled, undamaged mechanically or by the insects. It is packed into one length packages without steps. There are 20 mm thick mediators between every each row of the boards. The package is tied up with metal bands. Dimensions of the package: 1100x1100 mm.


We produce various sized garden houses, storage rooms for garden stock, garages and bower from highly qualitative dried conifer timber. We offer typical design houses or may use the special project provided by the client. We also offer different models of bowers and garages. We produce different outdoor products: fences, pavement panels, poles, flower and climber stands, sand pits for the children, benches, garden chairs etc.


We use conifer timber in production of the houses . We recommend pine - Pinus Silvestris or fir Picea Abies. The trees grown-up in the North are highly qualitative and resistant to environmental impact. The house project (the partition-walls and lay-out of the rooms) is finalized with each client individually. If requested by the client, wall thickness may be changed. Today we may offer: Windows: Glued wood with glass packet. We may use solid wood, plastic, alluminium or combined windows. Doors: Outdoor - solid or glued wood. Inside - solid wood or veneered. Floor: Fir or pine solid wood or finger-joint. We offer oak, ash, and birch parquetry. Ceiling: Solid conifer wood boards. We also may install indoor saunas.


Phone.: ‭+370 (698) 21 837‬
Adress: Žeimenos g. 94, Kaunas, LT-50103